The Broncos Kick off the Season Undefeated

Story by Bailee Council – News Editor/Social Media Editor


  Starting the season with a 3-0 streak, the Broncos start the season strong and united for the 2023 season. From a tight score of 27-20 against Liberty North, to the most recent win of 37-16 against Lee’s Summit High School.

   “I think we are going to go undefeated honestly. I think we should win every game, but we still have to go week by week. I think we are going to make it to state for sure. There’s a couple of hard games we will go through in the playoffs though,”  Elijah Leonard, senior quarterback, said.

   As the season progresses, the team is doing a lot to prepare for the upcoming games. During the off-season, the team was working out to get stronger and faster, and going to speed training.

   “The boys worked really hard.  They lifted weights, they ran, practiced, and scrimmaged over and over,” Jamar Mozee, coach, said.

   Leadership on the team has been strong with great players like Leonard, Isaac McIntosh, Isaiah Mozee, Chase Clark, Remington Ward, and Robin Lucas. As the team grows their skills they grow their bond as a whole.

   “We compete in the weight room and we push each other to be great every day and then encourage each other to do the right thing on and on the field as well as off the field,” Tanner Howes, senior, said.

   Leonard is a leader, as he is the quarterback, and he leads the offense. Isaac Mcintosh is another leader on the team, he is the safety of the defense and leads his team by example. As the season progresses and the team learns together with the goal of making it to state, this season is sure to be one to remember.


Photo by Kate Gerding