Another Season of Fantasy Football Begins

Story & Photo by Abbey Euritt – Co-Assistant Editor/Sports Editor

   The NFL season began in early September, which means, for many students at Lee’s Summit North, so did Fantasy Football. The popular game gives people the opportunity to create a custom NFL team, and compete with others. 

   “Fantasy Football is a game where you are managing your own NFL football team. You draft your own team and get points every week,” Dom Metcalf, junior, said.

   Before the official season started, Metcalf began pre-season tasks, such as his draft pick through the ESPN app. 

   “I created my draft on the first day of school. It was at my friend’s house, and we had a podium where we would step up and announce our picks through a microphone,” Metcalf said. 

   Fantasy football is often a competitive game as everyone is trying to get points and not have the losing team. This year, Metcalf is confident in his picks and has hopes that his team does well.

   “My draft is great, I am 1-0 to start the season, and after my terrible loss last year, I’m looking to win,” Metcalf said. 

   The game is extremely popular, specifically with students at LSN. Many groups develop unique ways to play with their peers, like winning prizes and losing punishments.

   “My favorite part about fantasy football is the punishments that my friend group has for whoever loses. Last year, I had to get a buzz cut because I lost,” Metcalf said. 

   As the NFL season progresses through the first few weeks, students playing Fantasy Football are advancing in their season as well, with hopes that their team is successful.