Swinging Into a New Season

Story by Kay Haas – Staff Reporter

 Football, basketball, and soccer–these sports are all well-known to most high schoolers. It seems like every teen plays at least one if not all of them. One that is not as common or talked about enough is golf. The goal of this sport is to use a club and hit a ball into a hole using the least amount of strokes. This seemingly simple sport is very difficult and can take years to master.

   North’s girls’ golf team is always working and striving to be better. Since their season is so short, with only 2 months of practices and matches, they have to make every minute count. When they do not have a match, they are practicing at Fred Arbanas Golf Course. 

   Addison Bleckinger, sophomore, has been playing golf since her freshman year. Bleckinger always tries her best to improve herself and the team. 

   “My goal is to play better than I did last season,” Bleckinger said.

   Another rising player on the golf team is Tyler Town, sophomore. Town has been playing golf for two years. Since she is a returning player, Town has a better grasp on the game than last year. 

   “Everyone is nice and works well together,” Town said.

  Athletes can only go so far without their coaches. Mathew Bloch, language arts teacher, and Kevin Harrison, retired math and PE teacher, are both coaching girls’ golf this year.    “They are very understanding when you have to miss something and they encourage you to work on the school you missed for tournaments,” Bleckinger said. 

   With their short season nearing the end, the entire team continues to put their best foot forward all the way to the end.


Photo courtesy Addison Bleckinger