‘First Priority’ Keeping Christ First

Story & Photo by Talon Cleveland – Staff Reporter

 First Priority is a student-led faith based club that stands at all LSR7 high schools.

   “Our mission is to bring Christ to LSN so hopefully people come to know the Lord through that,” Taylor Diehl, senior, said. 

    First Priority is here to teach Christians how to live in their faith. To help them spread the gospel and share their stories with students who do not know Christ. Students who are interested in hearing the gospel are encouraged to join and will be connected to a local church. 

   “I’ve been in since the start of the school year. I saw it was a Christian club and thought it was pretty cool,” Luke Miller, freshman, said. 

   First Priority is full of Christians not afraid to share their faith; more than just a club but a community with a united goal to share the good news of God. 

   “I’m super passionate about the mission of bringing Christ into my school and I think that First Priority does that in a really effective way,” Diehl said. 

   First Priority meets every Friday during Bronco Time in Ms. Brown’s room, 2135. Anyone who wants to help spread the gospel through North is encouraged to stop by. 

   “I think it’s impacted my life pretty good because I can meet a lot of people in my grade who are Christian and I also can invite people so that’s nice,”  Miller said. 

   Even if you do not know Christ but are still interested in finding out, you can get more information from Ms. Brown.