Boys’ Soccer Overcoming Challenges

Story by Isabelle Flood – Staff Reporter

 The varsity boys’ soccer team has already had to overcome challenges as a team. The biggest challenge was Oliver Scofield, junior, breaking his tibia during a game. 


“I was going in for a slide tackle and the other kid was sliding in at the same time and then I broke my tibia,” Scofield said.


Scofield had a big role on the team not just as a player but as a leader. So his absence has impacted the team. But some underclassmen are rising to the occasion.


“He brought a little bit of experience and some things there but I think some of these younger guys stepping up mentally and staying focused in that role,” Ryan Kelley, varsity soccer coach, said.


The team made sure to check on Scofield while he was out. The coaches and players texted him and some even gave him some get-well-soon gifts.


“The first week that I was injured some of the boys came over and gave me like some gifts,” Scofield said. 


The younger players on varsity have not only stepped up on and off the field during Scofield’s absence, but they have also been one of Kelley’s favorite things about the season so far. 


A lot of guys that are sophomores and juniors that are getting their first time playing at the varsity level so it’s been fun being around their energy and excitement and drive…” Kelley said. 


The season has not gone how they would like it to go but it’s not over yet. The coaches and players are still having fun during the season. 


“The season has been going well, our record isn’t quite where we want it to be but the boys have played really well,” Kelley said.


With new varsity players taking leadership positions on the team and the program having to overcome a lot of hardships, the rest of the season is expected to go well for the Broncos.


Photo Courtesy of Levi Jackson