Meet the New Marketing Teacher Ms. Wilson

Story & Photo by Isabelle Flood – Staff Reporter


The 2023-2024 has brought many new teachers, one of them being Katie Wilson. Mrs. Wilson is one of the new marketing teachers replacing the late Mrs Brown.

   “Mrs. Brown was a friend of mine, a mentor for a long time. I hope I’m making her proud… But at the same time I’m excited that I had the opportunity to kind of follow in her footsteps,” Wilson said.

   Mrs. Brown had big shoes to fill but Mrs. Wilson is living up to the legacy and creating her own here at North. She is not only making her classroom a safe space but she is also bonding with a lot of her students.

   “I want them to feel comfortable and safe in my classroom. I hope that they know that I’m a safe space for anything they might need,” Wilson said.

   Coming from West, Mrs. Wilson needed to make new relationships with the staff and the students. Although LSW and LSN are in the same district, there are some differences.

   “I have to be honest here I feel like I’m home… I didn’t know what my next step was going to be when I knew I was going back to work full time and when I sat down in the interview I just felt right here,” Wilson said.

   Being at a brand new school can be a big challenge for some. But being a Bronco is something to be proud of and now Mrs. Wilson gets to call herself one as well.

   “You guys walk around very proud to be from North… so just the fact that I have this opportunity to be a part of it, I’m very thankful,” Wilson said. 

   Although being a teacher is a big part of Mrs. Wilson’s life, her home life is also very important to her.

   “My three kids absolutely love being part of this community… The students here have accepted my family and welcomed them and it’s been an honor and just so exciting,” Wilson said.

   The new addition to the Bronco community has already made such an impact on the staff and students. With it only being the first semester, Mrs. Wilson welcomes the rest of the memories she will make at LSN.