The Eras Tour (Movie Version)

Story & Graphic by Abbey Euritt – Co-Assistant Editor/Sports Editor

  The famous concert, The Eras Tour, made its debut around the world. With the limited number of tickets compared to fans and the high ticket price, many people weren’t able to attend. Recently, the movie, The Eras Tour, was released in theaters as a recap of the show for those who couldn’t see it or fans who wanted to relive the concert.

   “My favorite part about the Eras Tour Movie was dressing up and trading bracelets. I wore a Taylor Swift shirt and my bracelets; a lot of the workers were trading their bracelets with us,” Emma Gerding, freshman, said. 

   The movie gave the impression fans were actually at the concert because the footage was portrayed in a live concert way. 

   “It felt like I was at the concert because it was so loud, and the visual effects were like I was actually there,” Gerding said. 

   The crowd treated the movie like the actual concert and broke the traditional movie theater etiquette with singing and dancing to the songs. 

   “When I went and saw the movie the crowd was mostly older, but all my friends were singing and dancing during the movie,” Gerding said. 

   The movie cut out a few songs that were in the concert which left some people who watched to be surprised.

   “The Archer and Long Live were cut from the movie, which made me a little disappointed, because I didn’t know until I got there,” Gerding said. 

   Though some songs were cut, the almost three hour movie left fans with the idea of what The Eras Tour was like in person. 

   “I want to go to the concert now because I can’t imagine how it would be live after seeing the movie,” Gerding said. 

   The Eras Tour movie, was a great way for Taylor Swift fans to experience the concert at their local theater if they weren’t able to attend the live show over the summer.