Royals Potential Stadium Move

Story & Photo by Morgan Hill – Staff Reporter

 As a theme of economic improvement has taken over Kansas City over the past few years such as Chiefs Super Bowl Parades and Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, the Kansas City Royals have also decided to improve their standing within the local economy. 

   The Royals have not yet decided what they will do regarding their team and its’ stadium.  Many citizens have mixed feelings about the potential move.

   “It is a fantastic idea,” Mrs. Wilson, marketing teacher, said.

With a potential move for the Royals that would give the Chiefs extra land to do what they want with the Sports Complex.

   “You’ve got like a whole new village next to Chiefs stadium which is going to bring in more restaurants, more revenue, more things for people to do and, I think also, there will be different companies will build up around the stadium,” Mrs. Wilson said. 

With a potential Royals move could help lobby for a potential Chiefs stadium move but most don’t think that is likely.

   “No, I think it’s move the Royals, keep the Chiefs,” Wilson said. 

However, the World Cup is coming to Kansas City in 2026 in Arrowhead Stadium that event could affect whether or not the Chiefs would consider a move in the near future.

   “I think it’s going to take 4 or 5 years from what I’ve heard,” Wilson said.

The economic impacts of a potential move for the Royals are huge not only from a baseball perspective by gaining more money towards paying big-time players but also by supporting the Kansas City economy from the ground up.

   “I understand that people like to tailgate, you can do that, but you’re going to have more people getting hotel rooms, when you can walk to a stadium hotel rooms are going to be sold out. The potential for the amount of money you can bring in moving your stadium is incredible,” Wilson said. 

   As this process of moving stadiums will be voted on very soon all of this makes for an eventful few months as the Royals decide what they’re going to do.