2023 Bronco Football Recap

Story by Areesa Steele – Editor-in-Chief

The fall football season has ended and looking back the team has had outstanding accomplishments. As many members of North have seen, the football team has put in a lot of work. They have committed to each game and practice they have been a part of. They started their season by playing Liberty North.

   “I think the Liberty North game to start the season was awesome. It was a clash of two of the best teams in Missouri the last three years. It was fun to come away with a victory this year,” Mike McGurk, activities and athletic director, said.

   With the football season, comes many different games. Some games are good some games are bad. One of the more fun weeks of the season is homecoming week.

   “Homecoming is always a fun time, with the pep assembly, parade, and dance. So, I would have to say that was my favorite part of the season,” McGurk said.

   Looking back on how the season went, it is very obvious that the team was dedicated. Something that kept the team going was each player’s goals for themselves. It is not only important that the coaches believe in them, but also the players.

   “I think it was a success on many levels. We won quite a few games, the school spirit was amazing, and the boys learned a lot about football, overcoming adversity and other life lessons,” McGurk said.

   Without the football team, there would be no student section. The student section made the games fun and helped the players keep their energy up. No matter what, the students were always there to push and celebrate. The Crimson Crazies made the themes fun and dedicated their time to making the games fun.

   “The student section did a great job cheering on our team all year, and the Crimson Crazies were thoughtful in their theme selection. The cheer, dance and marching band also did fantastic jobs contributing to the exciting atmosphere,” McGurk said.

   This year’s football season was a year of fun experiences. No matter the good or bad the team always keeps going. Seeing how this year’s season went, there is no doubt the seasons in the future will make it far.


Photo courtesy of Mike McGurk