Support US Troops through Adopt-a-Soldier

Story & Photo by Abbey Euritt – Sports/Co-Assistant Editor

   The organization, Adopt-a-Soldier, is an opportunity for students to show support to U.S. troops and military personnel serving around the world.

   “This is a program, partnering with Underwood Elementary School, where we raise money and items to send to our service men and women in the form of care packages around the world,” Tavish Whiting, history teacher, said. 

   Adopt-a-Soldier is collecting items such as cards, money, clothing, food, and toiletries. Any donation can help the U.S. military personnel and hopefully make someone’s day who is serving.

   “This is a wonderful way to help bring joy to those who serve our country and place themselves in harm’s way so that we may be free,” Whiting said.

   With the issues happening around the world, the care packages that are donated from students are going to the troops near Israel, which will be sent out at the beginning of December. 

   “Our goal this year is to send care packages during the holidays to our members of the military stationed in the Mediterranean Sea near the conflict happening in Israel,” Whiting said. 

   Any students interested in donating should consider visiting the website located on the LSN website to find more information on helping US troops, especially around the holidays.

   “Consider that those Americans are away from their families and have a difficult time of the year to be separated from loved ones. A little news and good cheer from home is always good for our servicemen and women,” Whiting said. 

   Adopt-a-Soldier has been a great success in the past, with over 300 pounds of items sent to Afghanistan in 2018. With the conflicts taking place today, now is the time to consider donating to our troops before the packages get sent out the first week of December.