Boys Volleyball Prepares For Upcoming Season

Story by Talon Cleveland – Staff Reporter

   Last year, Coach Aubri Janes, special education teacher, started boys volleyball at LSN. This was an amazing opportunity for students who did not fit into the other sports offered at North to get their chance at activity. 

   “Last year we were considered a club and went through the KC Boys Volleyball Club. We had an end-of-season tournament with all the surrounding area teams that were in this club. This year we are a MSHSAA-sanctioned sport! In total LSN has had boys volleyball for 2 years, but the only difference is this year we are a MSHSAA sport,” Janes said. 

    Boys volleyball is the same as girls volleyball, except for a few changes. 

   “Last year, boys volleyball used a different ball. This year, boys volleyball will have the same rules as girls volleyball. The only difference is the net height. For boys, the net is higher,” Janes said. 

   Since boys volleyball is seen as an official LSN sport, there is room in the trophy case for their various achievements. There are many different awards available for participants: Conference Champs, District Champs, State Awards, and Academic Awards, etc. Joining boys volleyball allows growth in physical and educational aspects. 

   “Joining the boys volleyball team in high school offers various benefits. It promotes physical fitness, teamwork, discipline, and can enhance social skills. Additionally, participating in sports can positively impact overall well-being and provide a sense of camaraderie and teammates. Boys volleyball is also a very fun, but competitive sport! You would be surprised how quickly guys can pick up on this sport,” Janes said. 

   Training for the season has already started and tryouts will start in February. For more information contact Coach Aubri Janes.