FCCLA Makes it past Regionals

Story by Bailee Council – Social Media Editor/Co-Assistant Editor

  Friday, January 26th at Belton High School, students participated in the FCCLA regionals. Presenting projects from four categories students compete in Interpersonal Communications, Fashion Construction, Fashion Design, and Chapter Service Display. Junior,  Rylee Ekiss, created a fashion design representing Korean culture. Another group helped carry out the Period Packs service project and did their project focusing on the process. 

   “I have grown just my personal life learning about my identity and culture because we don’t do a lot of Korean cultural things so it was nice getting to learn more about traditional culture,” Ekiss said.    

   At regionals, there are four judges, and students must present their projects in front of them. As the competition progresses, it slowly gets harder. Regionals aren’t known for being that hard, but as students get to state and nationals it does get more strict. 

   “It takes a lot of planning and a lot of hard work but it pays off in the end and it is really fun, last year I did homelessness and I feel like I learned a lot,” senior Bailee Sanderson, said. 

   Two of the four groups advanced and will be going to state. Sanderson and Jaden Maltbia, who ranked silver in interpersonal issues. Along with Ekiss, who ranked gold in fashion Construction.