An Update on Girls Basketball

Story & Photo by Morgan Hill – Staff Reporter

   This year the LSN Girls Basketball team went through a lot of changes.

    From adding new players and coaches, this team has played this year through a lot of firsts.

    Although this is a new experience for LSN, the players are reacting very well to this change of coaching.

    “This season has been good so far. It’s been full of change and the new coaching has created many new opportunities,” Bailey Wirth, sophomore, said. 

    This coaching change at head coach has been the first in school history and the new environment has created an impact on the players.

    “The coaches are so much more involved,” Wirth said. 

    With a new team and environment, the excitement for this team, and its fresh look for the school, most players are enjoying playing this season.

    “I enjoy playing with my teammates the most this season and being able to grow as an athlete,” Bailey Wirth, said. 

    As well as the addition of Coach Dunn and her fellow coaches, some of Coach Dunn’s former players at her prior school have followed her to LSN. 

   One of them is Summer Yancy, a senior who is committed to play women’s basketball at the University of Central Florida.

   Summer this past year surpassed 1,000 career points in high school.

   “Summer’s 1,000-point accomplishment has inspired our team to strive for this amazing accomplishment! The praise is well deserved and we are so proud of Summer,” Wirth said. 

   Throughout all of the changes to the team and accomplishments, the team has rallied around each other. 

    “I’m the most proud of this team for our ability to support each other and our accomplishments,” Wirth said. 

   The support and encouragement have positively impacted the girl’s season and will change the culture of the team for years to come.