Boys Tennis Season 2024

Story & Photo by Morgan Hill – Staff Reporter

   This past week the spring sports started practice, one of them being by boys tennis.

   Boys tennis, run by Coach Reece, is a beginner-friendly sport that promises major success for the varsity players this season.

   Many players enjoy the sport and the team’s comradery which is very welcoming to beginners.

“I have played for three years, beginning my sophomore year, and I have enjoyed it a lot since I joined the team,” Willem Haas, senior, said. 

   While many are looking forward to being successful on the court, others are looking to meet new friends and have fun.

   “I am looking forward to improving and challenging myself to be better than last year. I also look forward to making new friends and having a good time,” Haas said.

   To develop as a tennis player you would want as many “reps” as possible as it is crucial to stay improving even during offseasons.

   “Some things I do to develop my skills during the off-season, include playing with someone of a similar level and attending camps and activities that the coach needs help with,” Haas said.

   For upperclassmen, showing up and being a leader to younger players is very important as it keeps the athletes motivated and improves the program.

   “Being on the team as a senior, and having prior experience on the team, I plan on showing up with a good attitude and having the mindset that good sportsmanship and energy can help win the game,” Haas said.

   Overall, most players would recommend the program and sport to anyone who would be motivated to play and contribute.

   “I would recommend tennis to people because it is a no-cut team sport and overall tennis is just a fun time as long as you are willing to put in the work,” Haas said.

   Tennis is a very fun sport to play and offers a lot to each individual player at LSN regardless of playing ability.