Knock out credits and get paid in the Work Program

Story by Bailee Council – Social Media/Co-Assistant Editor

For many years, Lee’s Summit North has offered students a chance to earn credit from working.  With 30% of teens across the US having jobs, this provides an easier way of managing the two. 

   “My goal is to make each student a better employee. I hope to show them what employers need and expect and why they are an important asset to the business so they will be reliable and have a good work ethic for the company,” Joy Reed, business teacher, said.

   With this option, students are released early to work, earn money, earn elective credits toward graduation, and learn career-related job skills. The first step, to apply to one of the three departments; supervised business, taught by Perri Laterza, Cooroportice Career, taught by Reed, and Marketing work with Katie Wilson.

   “This is a great opportunity to learn expectations and how to work with others. You are able to pick your friends but you are not always able to pick your co-workers.  You need to learn how to deal with and get along with many types of people,” Laterza said. 

   This program allows students the ability to work and make money to save for their future and allows students the chance to get experience. Students learn how to manage their time, which gives them a chance to find a job in a field they are interested in, and see if they enjoy it. 

   “This is a great opportunity to learn how things get done around the office. We sometimes just take for granted that things will be there when we need them, but it takes a lot of preparation to pull off a task or event,” Laterza said.

Students are given the opportunity to take a step closer to a career path they are interested in. Take the next step to sign up for the work program.