Coach Mozee is Leaving LSN

Story by Bailee Council – Social Media/Co-Assistant Editor

 For the past nine years coach Jamar Mozee has been the head football coach at Lee’s Summit Noth, and this year, will be leaving his legacy behind to begin a new chapter. 

   “Coach Mo has coached and been around me since I was in the 2nd grade. I liked that he wasn’t all about football he cared about us in and out of the season. He held us accountable at all times and he loved us,” Isreal Weldon, junior said.   

    Tuesday, March 12th, the team along with Athletic/Activities Director, Mike McGurk, put together a celebration for the beloved coach. Not only were players attending, but parents and relatives who have also known Mozee for years and are excited to see where this path takes him.

   “ It’s always a blessing for people to tell you how much they appreciate something that you’ve done or accomplished.  Our program has great parents and athletes, and I will always appreciate them,” Jamar Mozee said.

With Weldon, many other players viewed Mozee as a father figure and someone who made the team a family.

   “I’m going to miss him joking around with us and just having fun, because he wasn’t always serious, he was more like a father figure and more like a friend,” Mickhi Mitchell, junior said. 

   As for the future years for the LSN football team, questions have arisen wondering if the team will have the same productivity.  As far as the team is expected, Weldon expressed that the team will continue to win and make LSN proud. 

   “My final words to the students and athletes are, find out what you want to do in life as quickly as possible.  Go after it with passion, and work extremely hard to accomplish it.  Love and respect the people around you.  Don’t let people’s opinions control anything you do,” Mozee said. 

   LSN is in a state of shock with this abrupt change, but hopes are high for the school’s furniture along with Mozees.

Photo courtesy of the Yearbook Staff – Abigail Fry