Springing into a New Season

Story & Graphic by Kay Haas – Staff Reporter

 The start of Spring brings many things: flowers, rain showers, and a new flag football team. Lee’s Summit North High School is offering a Flag Football team for the first time. This is not just the first for LSN, but this is the first time the sport has been available to any high schooler in the state. 

   Flag Football works very similarly to traditional football. The only difference between the two is that there is no contact in Flag Football. Instead of tackling each other, each player tries to grab the other team’s flags.     

   The team is coached by Kristin Falkenberg, science teacher, and Courtney Willie, an experienced flag football player. 

   “I have played flag football for 3 official seasons at the collegiate level. I played at Ottawa University, an NAIA school. We won the first three consecutive college National Championships back to back to back,” Willie said. 

   Flag Football is still a developing sport, so having the team at LSN is a huge deal for the players and the sport as a whole. 

  “My favorite thing so far about coaching is knowing that these girls are still contributing to the sport as trailblazers, and they are excited to do so. I also love how rewarding it is that the girls are having fun and learning so much,” Willie said. 

   Even though the season is just starting, the outcome for the season is looking quite promising.

   “I am excited for what is to come this season. We have some talent on this team, and I am expecting an amazing fun-filled season,” Willie said. 

   The entire team is excited to learn and grow this season.