Now Officially a Sport at LSN: Boys Volleyball

Story & Graphic by Abbey Euritt – Co-Assistant/Sports Editor

 For the first year in school history, the boys volleyball team at Lee’s Summit North has been named an official sport. With the new title, the team will face many changes this season that will hopefully have a positive impact on the players. 

   “Now that it’s officially a sport, it will be best 3 out of 5 sets instead of best 2 out of 3. We also will no longer use a men’s volleyball, we will use a women’s volleyball,” Carter Harrington, junior, said. 

   There are two teams (JV and Varsity) this season, each containing a variety of talent and skill levels to benefit the teams in some way.

   “We have a lot of new talent that is athletic, but not a lot of skill or knowledge of the team, so I think that will be a challenge,” Harrington said.

   With a successful season last year, the boys volleyball team has many returning players, as well as new ones that will likely give the team a fresh start. 

   “I’m looking forward to building up the team, because we have a lot of returning players, and we did well last year,” Harrington said.

   For returning players, they are expected to step up as leaders this year and help the team be successful. Harrington is making it a goal to prioritize his leadership on the team.

   “I hope that I am able to step up more as a leader on the team because I feel like I haven’t in the past, and I would like to fit that role,” Harrington said. 

   With the season just beginning, the team is putting in work during practices after school to prepare for their upcoming games. 

   “We have been going through a lot of our rotations and making sure they are solid. Also, making sure that we win a point in every rotation,” Harrington said. 

   Overall, the boys volleyball team carries a lot of potential for their season with lots of talent on the team. Be sure and show up to games and support the Broncos.