Another Year, Another Nerf War

Story & Graphic by Abbey Euritt – Co-Assistant Editor/Sports Editor

  Each spring, many schools participate in an event called “Nerf War” where two teams face each week and try to get the other out with Nerf guns. The game continues until there are two teams left who compete for a cash prize. The game is a big attraction for students, especially at Lee’s Summit North. Sydney Stoecklein, junior, is now accompanied by her team in the second round of Nerf War this week. 

   “Each week you get a new team, and whichever team gets the most people out by the end of the week gets to move on,” Stoecklein said.

   Each week, Stoecklein and her team communicate their plans and goals so they succeed. 

   “We have a group chat that we have been texting a lot, so we can make moves and get information on our opponents,” Stoecklein said.

   For many people, the Nerf War game is a great way to spend time with friends and have fun during a busy time of year. 

   “My favorite part of Nerf war is the excitement of spending time with friends and doing something fun outside of school,” Stoecklein said.

   In the first round of Nerf War, Stoecklein got two people out to help her team advance.

   “I got someone out by waking up at 5 in the morning and sitting outside their house until they came out,” Stoecklein said.

   The Nerf War has many rules to ensure the game stays safe and fair, but the biggest rules take place on Mondays. 

   “On Mondays, you have to use Melee weapons; a lot of people use pool noodles. You also have to park outside on Mondays instead of in the garage,” Stoecklein said.

   As the Nerf War reaches its second week, teams are starting to get eliminated and more strategies are coming into play so that they can move on to the next week.