Author: mindy.haesemeyer

The Hearts of The City

Story & Photo by Abble Langle- Editor-in-Chief


The famous logo is synonymous with Kansas City. A big, bright heart with the block letters “KC” right in the middle. Labeling all things from t-shirts to coffee mugs, it has become

Auditions for the LSN Talent Show

Story by Talon Cleveland – Staff Reporter


   The stars are lining up for the upcoming LSN talent show. Every year, LSN has a friendly challenge of the talents. The talent show will be held in the LSN auditorium April

Bronco Baseball defeats Blue Springs South

Story by Lily Temple – Assistant Editor


 Last week on Monday, March 28, the LSN boys baseball team had their first win of the season. This win was special because of the tough opponent they faced, Blue Springs South

National Merit Scholar Finalists

Story by Bailee Council – Staff Reporter


  Once a year, the National Merit Scholarship Program selects about 15,000 students in the US to become National Merit finalists. Since 1955, this huge academic accomplishment allows students the opportunity to win

Questions for a Cause

Story & Graphic by Selah Wheeler – Staff Reporter


  On Friday, April 8, the school’s National Honor Society will host a trivia night to raise money for the organization. It will be held at North starting at 6:00 p.m.

The Re-Opening of Huge Events

Story & Graphic by Emma Brents – Staff Reporter


  As the world starts to be brought back to normal, it means the return of huge events such as the Oscars, Met Gala, and Coachella.  Unfortunately, students here won’t be

Prom, is it actually like in movies?

Opinion Story & Photo by Giorgia Risoldi – Staff Reporter


 As a foreigner, I’ve always seen prom as a romantic big deal, something that existed in teenage movies, something that I wanted to live at every cost. Now that

A balancing act

Story & Photo by Mia Fuller – Staff Reporter


   When one turns 16 there are usually staples that come with it, like getting a driver’s license, having a sweet 16, and getting one’s first job. 

   Nearly 30% of high

NHS Serves School and Community

Story by Talon Cleveland – Staff Reporter


As the year comes to an end, it is time to start looking towards next year. This includes the induction of the new members of the prestigious National Honor Society. NHS is