Author: mindy.haesemeyer

New Rules in Major League Baseball

Story & Photo by Morgan Hill – Staff Reporter

   A new era of Major League Baseball and its rules is about to begin. Here is the latest on the new regulations of MLB that players will play by this coming

Downtown Lee’s Summit Farmers Market

Story by Kate Gerding – Staff Reporter

 The Lee’s Summit Farmers Market is reopening for the spring/summer season on Saturday, April 15th. Located off 2nd and Douglas Street, vendors from all over the city will set up stands with things

Lee’s Summit Steps Towards the Future

Story & Photo by Bailee Council – Entertainment Editor

  Throughout the years, Lee’s Summit has expanded and evolved, adding new businesses while taking out the old. Stores like Macy’s, Paradise Park, and recently Bed Bath & Beyond closed. A big

Women’s History Class at LSN

Story & Graphic by Mia Fuller – News Editor

  As Women’s History Month draws to a close it is important to recognize the class that celebrates and recognizes women’s history in America the whole school year. Just this year Sarah

Fashion Club

Story & Graphic by Mia Gatti- Feature/Sports Editor

 Many people might not know that Fashion Club is new to LSN this school year. It is a great way to meet new people, gain more knowledge about fashion and express yourself

Upcoming Projects in IB Classes

Story & Graphic by Kate Gerding – Staff Reporter

   The next few weeks are a big deal for IB students. Most IB classes are finishing up their IAs or “internal assessments”. Kennedy McEnany, senior, is enrolled in several IB classes

NHS Induction Ceremony For Current Juniors

Story & Graphic by Abby Langle – Editor-in-Chief

 On Wednesday, March 15th the National Honor Society (NHS) will hold a ceremony to welcome new members. It will be held in the PAC for current juniors whose membership was accepted in

Getting to know Mrs. Ray

Story & Photo by Aressa Steele – Social Media Editor 

Adrienne Ray has been a part of the teaching community for nine years. She spent a part of those nine years teaching in the Independence School District at William Chrisman