KC Chiefs make final turn towards postseason

Story by Robert Hurst- Staff Reporter


The 2020 NFL season is heading into week 13. The Kansas City Chiefs are currently 11-1. Their season is off to a hot start as the NFL is currently exiting their mid-season. Next to the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers, the Chiefs seem to be the team to beat.

Their offense has been explosive and efficient, a well-oiled machine. The team’s star players show up in exciting ways week in and week out. From Patrick Mahomes throwing rockets to Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce to the shifty running of the hot new rookie, Edwards-Helaire.  Super Bowl 54 MVP, Patrick Mahomes has incredible numbers coming into week 13. Compared to the rest of the quarterbacks, Mahomes is 1st in passing yards with 3,497, he is 3rd in passing touchdowns with 30, and only has 2 interceptions this season which makes him first in the league in that category. The efficiency and decision making of Mahomes and Andy Reid are otherworldly, they have high hopes for the postseason as does everyone else. Their week 14 game is this Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. 


Week 14: Sun, Dec 13 @ Miami 

Week 15: Sun, Dec 20 @ New Orleans

Week 16: Sun, Dec 27 @ Atlanta

Week 17: Sun, Jan 3 @ Los Angeles

Teachers and students respond to the constant change in learning model

Story by Lily Temple- Staff Reporter


 Since the beginning of the school year, North has had a few changes in the learning model. Recently, the school has decided to change from a hybrid model, back to a virtual model. For the most part, students and teachers are not excited about this change.

   Teachers and students both think that learning virtually is difficult and definitely different than what they are used to.

   “The hardest part about learning virtually is feeling like the workload is heavy because we do “class work” and “homework” at the same time and place,” Eleanor Cok, junior, said.

   Having to do the lessons and the homework by themselves is making many students feel overwhelmed and overworked.

   Teachers are also struggling with virtual learning. Teachers are used to adapting but teaching virtually is new for everyone. One of the biggest struggles is not being able to interact in the classroom.

  “The hardest part is not forming the connection you would typically build with them having them in class each day,” Ty Kohl, social studies teacher, said.

   Students and teachers alike are struggling to make connections with each other. It is difficult to build a relationship with a teacher when you only see them on a screen twice a week.

   Although no one enjoys learning or teaching virtually, everyone understands the severity of the current situation.

   “It’s not ideal for anyone, but right now it’s best for everyone’s health and safety,” Kohl said.

   In order to keep staff and students safe, everyone must stay at home. Having to end the semester online is just one more surprise 2020 had to offer.

Covid-19 virus brings challenges to boy’s basketball season

Story by Morgan Hubert- Staff Reporter


High school basketball is adapting to everything going on in the world right now. With the ever-changing status of Covid-19, players and coaches have to be flexible.    

   At the beginning of the boy’s basketball season, there were more than a few people worried about what the season had to bring. A lot were in doubt about even getting to play the season, including Coach Mike Hilbert.

   “We check player temperatures and ask about symptoms prior to each practice.  We have cleaning solutions for basketballs and hand sanitizer,” Hilbert said.

   There have been things that are affecting the players on the court as well and might make it be hard to play to the best of their ability.

   “We will be required to wear masks on the court during practice. I do not think that will go very well. Hard to play basketball with a mask over your mouth and nose,” Hilbert said. 

   Coaches and players are trying their best to keep everyone safe including themselves and many others. Many precautions are being taken to make sure of this including quarantining the whole basketball team after players had been exposed to Covid-19.

   “It is like starting practice all over again. We pushed back the first two weeks of our game schedule to allow us to practice again before our first game,” Hilbert said.

   The coaches wanted to give the players another chance to practice and be prepared before their first game. 

   Nobody knows what will continue to happen but we have to be prepared for every single outcome.


Mourning the loss of senior year

Story by Maria Smith- Co-Editor-in-Chief



   The class of 2021 is mourning. As the year goes on they are watching their senior year slip through their fingers. Senior year, something so idolized and cherished has been reduced to long days of google meets and procrastination. As covid continues to rule over the world with no end in sight it is becoming more and more clear that this year might not be salvageable. 

   They watched the class of 2020 cry over their canceled prom, but they are losing a whole year of activities. No football games, homecoming, or pep assemblies. 

   “I am probably most bummed about missing all the games and pep assemblies and getting to sit upfront. I’m also bummed about not getting to go to school with all my friends and experiencing senior year with them,” Hope Alger, senior, said. 

   As time goes on it is hard to find hope that the world will ever go back to as it once was, especially within this school year. 

   “I don’t think it will get much better to where we can get back to doing normal activities. There’s still so many cases and so many people still getting sick and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get a whole lot better anytime soon. I think there would have to be a huge drop in cases for it to be safe for us to allow “normal” activities,” Alger said. 

   So the class of 2021 will continue to grieve. Rightfully so, as the last part of their high school careers approach. Maybe it is only high school, but it is a cherished part of life, meant for adventures and fun, not for fear.

Bronco time and mentoring postponed for now

Story by Prajukta Ghosh- Copy Editor

Times are challenging for everyone, and for some, finding the silver lining in these tough times is harder than it seems. There have been many changes since the beginning of the school year. It has been a little over a month since school reopened and people were again able to experience some waves of normalcy through the hybrid schedule. But once again, the district has moved all students back to online learning. There are so many things that have changed due to this unprecedented situation. One of the major changes is not having Bronco Time and Mentoring this year. 

Considering the intense condition everywhere and keeping in mind the factor of maintaining six feet distance, the decision was made to put a halt on these two programs for now. 

“Yes! I definitely miss having Bronco Time during the school day. Bronco Time was really nice because it allowed me to make up quizzes or tests, or ask questions to my teachers. It also allowed me to just hang out with my friends if I was all caught up on school work. It was a nice way to break up the school day,” Devyn Holt, senior, said. 

Staff members also have to become accustomed to the change.  

Though I certainly miss this time as it is so vital for building relationships with students and deepening those relationships beyond formal classroom settings, I understand the need to remove them from our schedule under the current circumstances,” Sarah Courtney, social studies teacher, said.

There has been no indication if Bronco Time and Mentoring will be part of the schedule anytime this year. As with most decisions being made thus far, there are a lot of variables to consider before changes can or will occur. 

The reality of senior year 2021

Editorial by Junior Editor- Katie Langle


Ever since freshman year, I watched the seniors experience the rights of passage that come with their age. I saw the girls on the tennis team get roses and walk across the football field on senior night, I dreamed of the day that I would get to have my senior banner hanging up on the fence surrounding the tennis courts, I was eager to stand at the front of the student section at football games and do not get me started on how excited I was for prom and homecoming. But as everyone knows, things are different this year. It has not felt like senior year, I still feel like the freshman who was watching her brother have these experiences while I thought about what it would be like for me in three years. 

On March 13, I had no idea how much my life would be changed. I left school that day hoping we would get an extra week or two of spring break. I had no idea that would turn into the rest of the year. At the beginning of the year, my main concern was whether I would get a tennis season or not. It was a huge relief for me when they confirmed that fall sports would continue. I played every day, scared that it could get taken away from me at any moment. With being a senior on the team come many privileges. Two of them being a senior night at the football game and getting to be honored on our float at the homecoming parade. I never got to experience either of those. Our coaches and team mom did a good job at still making my last year playing tennis special. We had a senior night on the tennis courts, got our banners and I got to play every day with the girls I had been playing with since freshman year. 

This senior year has not been like any other before. I never would have thought that I would be waiting on a decision on whether we would have in person or online school. And I especially would have never known how much I would miss waking up at 6 a.m., taking tests at school and getting assigned projects and presentations. I took these little things for granted, and now I am praying that I will be able to just come to school second semester. 

Everything is changing so fast that it is hard to see where we will be by the end of the year. When I think ahead to graduation and prom, I just want to make those milestones like any other senior. 

Although freshman me would be sad, she would also be proud of how I and other seniors are handling this less than ideal situation. I am doing all I can by wearing a mask and limiting my exposure to others in hopes that I will live out the dreams I had as a freshman.


Broncos are back to full online learning

Story by Mia Gatti- Staff Reporter


Students are transitioning back to completely all online learning once again this school year. Many students are upset about not being able to have the social aspects they encounter when they are attending in-person school. Being able to see their friends at school is always fun, but now the computer screen is the most exciting part of these students’ days.

Some students say they can do homework with friends outside of school, but still do not feel the instruction is the same as if they were in school. Having a flexible schedule is nice, but it is harder to work with teachers when needing a little bit of extra help. 

“Since we are not in person at school I don’t get to see my friends as often. I like having a flexible schedule, and my parents allow me to work with some of my friends on homework. I don’t like not being able to ask my teachers questions when they are not face to face with me,” Kaleigh Koval, sophomore, said. 

Going back to completely online school will be challenging for everyone especially during these crazy times of unknowns, but with the endless positivity within the staff and students, learning has been doable for everyone.