Bronco time and mentoring postponed for now

Story by Prajukta Ghosh- Copy Editor

Times are challenging for everyone, and for some, finding the silver lining in these tough times is harder than it seems. There have been many changes since the beginning of the school year. It has been a little over a month since school reopened and people were again able to experience some waves of normalcy through the hybrid schedule. But once again, the district has moved all students back to online learning. There are so many things that have changed due to this unprecedented situation. One of the major changes is not having Bronco Time and Mentoring this year. 

Considering the intense condition everywhere and keeping in mind the factor of maintaining six feet distance, the decision was made to put a halt on these two programs for now. 

“Yes! I definitely miss having Bronco Time during the school day. Bronco Time was really nice because it allowed me to make up quizzes or tests, or ask questions to my teachers. It also allowed me to just hang out with my friends if I was all caught up on school work. It was a nice way to break up the school day,” Devyn Holt, senior, said. 

Staff members also have to become accustomed to the change.  

Though I certainly miss this time as it is so vital for building relationships with students and deepening those relationships beyond formal classroom settings, I understand the need to remove them from our schedule under the current circumstances,” Sarah Courtney, social studies teacher, said.

There has been no indication if Bronco Time and Mentoring will be part of the schedule anytime this year. As with most decisions being made thus far, there are a lot of variables to consider before changes can or will occur. 


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