Mourning the loss of senior year

Story by Maria Smith- Co-Editor-in-Chief



   The class of 2021 is mourning. As the year goes on they are watching their senior year slip through their fingers. Senior year, something so idolized and cherished has been reduced to long days of google meets and procrastination. As covid continues to rule over the world with no end in sight it is becoming more and more clear that this year might not be salvageable. 

   They watched the class of 2020 cry over their canceled prom, but they are losing a whole year of activities. No football games, homecoming, or pep assemblies. 

   “I am probably most bummed about missing all the games and pep assemblies and getting to sit upfront. I’m also bummed about not getting to go to school with all my friends and experiencing senior year with them,” Hope Alger, senior, said. 

   As time goes on it is hard to find hope that the world will ever go back to as it once was, especially within this school year. 

   “I don’t think it will get much better to where we can get back to doing normal activities. There’s still so many cases and so many people still getting sick and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get a whole lot better anytime soon. I think there would have to be a huge drop in cases for it to be safe for us to allow “normal” activities,” Alger said. 

   So the class of 2021 will continue to grieve. Rightfully so, as the last part of their high school careers approach. Maybe it is only high school, but it is a cherished part of life, meant for adventures and fun, not for fear.


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