Struggles of being in an IB class

Editorial by Prajukta Ghosh – Copy Editor


 It is almost that time of the year when seniors tend to have their minds flooding with thoughts about how are we going to plan out our last few months left in high school, however, thanks to COVID, we all have been experiencing things in a completely different demeanor. Nothing has been normal or the same as we have had in the past with former seniors. We have spent most of our time as the class of 2021 accustoming ourselves with the flip-flops we have had between online and hybrid mode of learning. Every tiny wave of normalcy we could have enjoyed was fabricated in a way that won’t harm the protocols implemented by the government to curb the numbers of COVID patients. 

   Throughout this journey, I have tried my best to not sound whiny and be as modest as possible to be grateful for things that I am still destined to have. But when it comes to IB classes and fulfilling their requirements, it gets really hard to be appreciative of their protocols to maintain a decent grade in the classroom. I have IB classes that still require me to prepare myself for the examinations that are scheduled to be held in May. Advanced classes demand more than you could imagine, but is it too much to ask to call out some requirements and have some mercy on kids considering the conditions everywhere. 

   Even though there are many benefits of doubt given to us. One of which is the fact that we now don’t have to wake up at dawn and rush ourselves in the building on time to not miss a class. Quite honestly I don’t mind the virtual mode of learning, in fact, I am okay doing it for the rest of my senior year left. But what I am not okay with is constantly pushing my brain to the edge of trying to gulp the information down my throat and then spend 90 hours writing a paper on it. The only normalcy I was able to experience this year was with the IB classes where there have been mostly no modifications made in terms of submissions of assignments and projects. 

   But struggles aside, I am still hopeful to be a part of the graduating class this year and I am extremely looking forward to doing all the fun stuff before I get there. 




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