The loss of high school dances due to Covid

Story by Prajukta Ghosh – Copy Editor


We have yet again approached the school building with the masks on, maintaining a six feet gap with one another and following the directions of one-way hallways. The LSR-7 school district made a decision once more to bring everyone back in school for two weeks through a hybrid model of learning and then head back on track with being present in the classrooms full time for four days. However, there were no modifications made to the decision of having any school dances amidst the pandemic for students. After the cancellation of the homecoming dance, seniors now have to mourn the loss of the courtwarming dance too. Even though the decision was made keeping the safety of everyone in mind, it undoubtedly broke a few senior hearts.  

   “I am not surprised that the dances have been canceled, and I think it was a good decision, but it is a bummer that we don’t get to have a last hurrah as a senior class,” Sadie Creemer, senior said. 

   It has been a disappointing year in every aspect for the class of 2021 from the beginning of 2020. But it is important to remember whatever choices are being made by the district in terms of calling off senior activities/dances, are being done keeping the best interest of the student body in mind. It is truly unfortunate to not have a normal last year of high school this year and not able to enjoy the senior activities the way former senior classes have but it is also factual that situations are not really that favorable for us to experience that bit of normalcy. 

   “It is unfortunate that we haven’t gotten normal activities, but I would rather miss out on activities now for my senior year than activities and experiences my freshman year of college,” Grace Tohill, senior said.  

   The only hope now left in terms of attending a dance this year is probably prom, even though that was officially called off last year as well. But if things pan out once everyone gets back in the building full-time, there are still hopes for seniors to enjoy their last prom enthusiastically. 

   “I genuinely have no idea. I am not an epidemiologist, nor an event planner who has been planning events in the current situation. I will work closely with administrators, our health department, and our venue (John Knox) to provide whatever safety restrictions are possible and necessary,” Jessica Benus, FACS teacher, said. 

   The teachers have not heard anything of that sort that talks about taking prom into account this year so far, but fingers crossed and hope for the best that could happen. 



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