There is a first for everything

Story by Morgan Hubert – Staff Reporter


This year has gone down in history for so many reasons, one of the biggest, electing a new Vice President. Electing a new President and Vice President is always a big deal but this year is extra special.  We are bringing Kamala Harris into office as she is not only the first woman to serve as Vice President but also the first African American and South Asian to hold the office.

   “This is another opportunity to discuss matters of race and gender in the USA, and hopefully Kamala Harris is able to provide the voice of a woman and a person of color to the millions of Americans. It feels like we are living in different realities depending on our race, gender, economic status and I hope this is an opportunity to have conversations with people across these multiple groupings and focus on progress,” Josh Keeney, Geometry teacher, said.

   Kamala Harris is someone that can represent people in ways previous Vice Presidents could not. Harris can understand and fight for things that should change like racial equality and gender equality. She is also able to understand others because she can relate to their struggles. Harris is fighting to make these changes to make the future better for everyone. 

   “Even though Joe Biden’s cabinet and choices for the house have led this to the most diverse government yet, there are still lots of men and women who will treat Kamala with less respect because of her race,” Lucia Bresette, freshman, said. 

   Harris will be going through many obstacles to gain people’s respect that some are not giving her. She is not getting what she deserves because of her race and gender. 

   “Should it [gender] matter? No. Does it matter?… I would guess yes, unfortunately. I don’t think that we have the first VP of the USA in 2020 if it doesn’t matter. When you look at the history of Women’s Rights and Women’s Suffrage, you realize that it is still a pretty recent development in the history of our country. I believe that there are still barriers that women have to overcome that their male colleagues do not. I do not think this is unique to high institutions of government, and I think it’s something women have to deal with no matter the career/occupation,” Keeney said. 

   “I was very excited and happy for all of my female students and students of color. They now can look at the highest level of the US Government and feel represented,” Keeney said. 

   Kamala Harris is changing the future and creating history in the present. She is impacting so many people with what she is doing and inspiring so many people to follow their dreams no matter their race or gender. 


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