Celebrating the Super Bowl

Story by Abby Langle- Assistant Junior Editor


 Last Sunday Super Bowl 55 was played. For many football fans, the Super Bowl is the most important day of the year. For some local fans, this year it made it even more special because the Chiefs were playing in it. 

   Some people had big Super Bowl parties to watch and celebrate the big game.  With Covid, this could have changed many people’s plans.

   “I watched the game with friends, covid did not affect it at all really,” Cameron Lillard, senior, said.

   Snacks can also be more important than even watching a big football game. For the big game, people usually have a lot of food that they would not normally make for a regular-season football game.

   “When I was in college my little sister gave me a football crockpot. So I break that out every year with something in it. This year I did Pulled Pork Chili,” Chris Walker, science teacher, said

   For the Super Bowl, people make predictions about all parts of the game and the festivities surrounding it by what they think will happen and what the outcome will be.

   “I predict the Over on the National Anthem.  First score will be a TD, The Weekend will channel some inner Michael Jackson at halftime, If it storms like they say, take the under, and Chiefs win by 8,” Walker said.

   This Super Bowl was very special for people in Kansas City. Even though the outcome was not what a lot of people wanted, there is always next year. 


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