Kicking for a normal season

Editorial by Morgan Hubert – Staff Reporter


Though this is my freshman season and I do not know much different, I do know that this year’s soccer season has been much different than all the rest.

      When conditioning started in February we did not have to wear masks because we were outside, so we just had to distance ourselves and take no risks. This was something that seemed somewhat normal because we got to work out without our masks. Though this felt normal, it really was disappointing when we had to go inside, and sometimes we still have to practice inside when we are not capable of playing outside because of the weather. I always hate going inside because it gets really hot when I am running around and working out with a mask on. It makes me get tired and lose my breath very quickly.

   After February conditioning ended, we had tryouts and our season. We do not have to wear our masks during practice or games. I am super glad for this because I know it would be super hard to play a whole soccer game with a mask on this is just making me tired so much quicker. It would really limit my playing and would not let me play to the best of my ability. A lot seems pretty normal now, but there is still one thing that is super different. Living day by day with no concrete schedule.

   This past year has been rough and a challenge every single day. In past years, there was a solid schedule that the players and coaches could go by, but that is just impossible to stick to this year.

It is hard, but everyone is very flexible with it. At any given moment, someone could test positive and we could get quarantined or someone we play could get quarantined. We just have to hope that this does not unexpectedly happen. Not only that, but another team we are scheduled to play could get quarantined so that can also shift our schedule.

   The only other thing that would be super different to me is not getting a lot of fans to play in front of. I have been to varsity games to watch before Covid-19 hit, and I had always looked forward to playing in front of everyone and having people watch my games. That had been a bit of a bummer because I know friends and family that were wanting to come watch me play, but for a while, they were not able to do that. At the beginning of our season, we were only allowed two guests but just recently, we are allowed four. 

   Now that there are four guests per person, we do not have to wear masks, and we can actually come in contact with one another to play, it feels like another step forward to everything getting back to normal. 

  (Photo by Morgan Hubert)


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