A night in ancient Greece

Story and Photo by Giorgia Risoldi- Staff Reporter

   September 18 was the night of the Homecoming Dance for our students. The theme was “A Night In Ancient Greece” and the particularity this year was doing the dance on the football field.

   German exchange student Nina Richster, who is seventeen years old, senior, is telling us about the expectations of the Homecoming Dance from her point of view as a foreign exchange student.  

   She thinks it could be so fun because of all the excited students that go with friends or dates and have fun together.

 “I hope that no one will sit on the benches or stay on the side for all the event long,” Richster, said. 

   She does not have a date, but she is going with some of the friends she made in these two weeks she has been at school. Richster is really excited about this experience.

   “It is like in a high school movie,” Richster, said.

   A difference between her home country of Germany and the United States is that dances are a whole thing here. In Germany, she has to go to a club during the weekend to have these kinds of events. But let’s talk about the dance’s theme.

   “It’s harder because you need to wear something that fits the theme and you need to set all the decorations.  Even if I think that it is very cool if everyone dresses up as the actual theme,” Richster, said.

   Early 2000s music played all night making the students have crazy fun, they danced the entire time.

   The weather was wonderful and the football field was a great choice for everyone, especially because students didn’t need to wear masks.

   The dance ended at 10:30 p.m. and everyone had a great time. 




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