SAAC members give back to the community

Story by Mia Gatti – Feature/Entertainment Editor

SAAC is the Student Athletic Advisory Council that comes together once a month to create monthly service projects to do throughout the community. With school back in five days a week, the students in SAAC have planned to work on their community services projects more consistently, and now in person.  This allows student-athletes the experience of taking on leadership roles and using teamwork to give back to their community. 

   There are many great things these students do for their community that allow them to get more involved. Having these student-athlete leaders give back a little to the community is a great experience and can give these young students a different perspective on things. 

   “I like the experience of helping out in the community. It is teaching us as high schoolers how to volunteer and lead groups. My favorite part of SAAC is getting to be a part of the fun community service projects,” Myah Frasier, sophomore, said.

   Students in the SAAC are invited to be in this group from their past leadership qualities and hard work coaches and staff have perceived from them in action. The SAAC team also reads a leadership book, focusing on the main importance of being a leader and how to be a good teammate in all situations. 

   “We come up with community service projects for every month. The members of SAAC actually get to run the community service projects by themselves with a little help from one of the sponsors of SAAC Mike McGurk the Athletics and Activities Director,” Maddie Sibbing, junior, said. 

   Some service projects that these students work on is Custodial Appreciation Night, where the SAAC group cleans up the football bleachers after a Friday night game in September. Another great service project they do is Macho Madness Volleyball. Students sign up with a six-person team to play a volleyball tournament. All of the funds going to the LS Education Foundation for the Lola Rosa Memorial Scholarship. The winning team plays the girls varsity volleyball team. Every month the SAAC group does a different service project to help out.

   “My favorite service project we have done was late-night cookies. We all meet sometime that night to make and decorate cookies. Then we take them to hospitals and fire stations. It’s my favorite because we all have such a fun time making and decorating the cookies and at the same time we are appreciating nurses and firefighters for their sacrifices,” Sibbing, said. 

   The SAAC group has put a lot of effort into keeping up with their service projects and working well together to get everything they can out of giving back to the community.