A look back on Homecoming 2021 events

Story and Photo by Emma Brents- Staff Reporter

Homecoming 2021 was a huge success with well-attended events over a two-day period.  Beginning Friday, Sep. 17, students attended the pep assembly during 7th hour. This was the first year in LSN history that the pep assembly was held outdoors on the football field in Bronco Stadium. Being loud and excited, students and staff watched the Bronco king and queen candidates be announced on the track field.  

   “The crowd was getting excited and everyone was excited so I think we did pretty good, we had a really loud crowd and the cheerleaders were getting excited too so that helps a bit,” Carrie Harris,  sophomore varsity cheerleader, said.

   Next, there was the Homecoming parade that went down the streets of Downtown Lee’s Summit. There were multiple floats of all different kinds of sports, clubs and of course, the Homecoming royalty. When asked what the most important parts of Homecoming were, lots of students thought Friday afternoon’s events were a lot of fun.

   “I think that the most memorable part is gonna be the parade, I think the parade is gonna be super cool knowing that lots of friends that are coming and watching,” Addi Collins, senior, said.

   This year, the Black Student Union was also able to host their annual Homecoming Party in the Parking Lot. Students, staff and family were invited to come to the school after the parade to eat, dance and play in the parking lot before the football game.  

   “So the idea was just like a tailgate, a DJ, get like every family involved and everything, so it was just the idea to have fun before the game for the people who couldn’t go to the game cause they didn’t have money or something like that, it was a party in the parking lot,” Trinity Myrick, senior, said. 

   Ending off Friday night’s events was the annual Homecoming varsity football game, this year against Ray-pec.

   “We are very very confident you know it’s gonna be a home game, it’s gonna be a great game, we are very excited and confident in ourselves,” Drew Grey, sophomore linebacker, said. 

   He was right, the Broncos won 41-14.  



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