Varsity soccer player Nolan Piedimonte

Story and Photo by Mia Fuller- Staff Reporter


Nolan Piedimonte is currently in his, junior year of high school and is a varsity member of our soccer team and has always loved the sport. 

   “I have always played soccer. I always had a love for soccer. And I just wanted to play for the high school as well,” Piedimonte said.

   Piedimonte can usually be seen playing either forward or left-wing on the team. Both positions are key roles in helping score goals to eventually win the game. This is a role that is helped out by fellow varsity player, Blake Landaverry, senior.

   “I think me and Blake work best together because we both have a similar style of play. We both want to put the defense on their heels and score goals. We both do that really well together,” Piedimonte said. 

   Hopefully, the two can work well enough together to defeat Rockhurst, the team that Piedimonte is most looking forward to playing.

 “I’m looking forward to playing Rockhurst. They have always been a struggle for us and I really want to beat them this year,” Piedimonte said.

   Balancing activities, such as soccer, along with the normal work that comes with high school can be a challenge for some people. Luckily, it’s not always a challenge for Piedimonte. 

   “Well soccer is typically from 3:00-4:30 or 5:00 after school, so it’s on a good schedule because after practice you can go do some homework or you can go to work later. It just works really well,”  Piedimonte said.

   Not only does Piedimonte plan to play for the Broncos in his senior year, he plans to play soccer up until college and perhaps even further.

   “I plan to go on to college, and if college goes well maybe play in the MLS,” Piedimonte said. 

   While the future may be uncertain, it is sure looking bright for this young soccer star. 


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