Bronco football displays strong leadership

Story by Giorgia Risoldi -Staff Reporter

This season, football started with a ‘boom’ in terms of winning. 

   The Broncos have started the season undefeated. The determined players made the team really strong and, obviously, the coaches helped them to be what they are now. 

   “There are a lot of strong leaders, but it is kind of a week-to-week thing. We have some strong senior leadership. Obviously, seniors have been here the longest, guys like Armand Membou, Tre Baker and then we have some younger guys such as Quincey Baker, Cayden Green. We have leaders all over the place and I think that’s the best way, because if it is only one person it could be stressful and exhausting,” Jason Jones, football coach, said.

   Even if there are very strong players, there is always something that they can improve to make this season better. 

   Coach Jones believes that working on methods and details are important to the team. 

   “They are physical, our guys are big and strong and talking about football these are things that you really need on a team. Then we were talking about how they need to perfect their techniques and focus more on details, for the rest we have everything we need,” Jones said. 

   There are strong juniors too and not just seniors, even if the latter have been on the team for a longer time.

   For example, senior Jarell Griffin has been on the team for all four years and he has played football since he was five years old. Football is his passion, thanks to his family, but he started playing it during high school because he didn’t have any opportunity before. Jarell loves playing against Liberty schools because of the atmosphere of the games, as Liberty has a large fan base. 

   The expectations for this season are really high both for coaches and players. 

   “I want to win, winning is the whole point and we have fourteen games to play this season and we have done only five,” Coach Jones said.

   But, the biggest quality of the team is their friendship. 

   “I think the strength is that this is the closest football team in Lee’s Summit, we all are friends, we all care about each other, and we do things together,” Griffin said.

   The next game will be on Friday, Oct 1 at 7:00 p.m. vs. Blue Springs at Blue Springs High School. 

Photo by Emma Brents


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