Students adapt to covid changes

Story and Photo by Abby Langle – Editor-in-Chief

These past couple of years have been crazy with all the schedule changes and adjusting to the new normal around LSN. Freshmen and sophomores do not know what a normal high school day is like, unlike seniors and juniors who did have some time to have a traditional high school experience. 

   “The most obvious is Covid wasn’t going on and we didn’t have to wear masks. I also feel like now that I have been to the school more it wasn’t as stressful, the only stressful part was clearly Covid. A lot of stuff was different like we had bronco time and now all that’s gone,” Ashlyn Bandelier, junior, said. 

   This year, things have returned to a more traditional high school experience. Students are attending in person five days a week classes. They have been able to attend sporting events, have a homecoming dance and parade. At the same time, Covid changes still linger. Masks are required, seats are assigned and you never know when you could get a contact tracing email about Covid exposure. 

   Sophomores currently have not been able to see what a “normal” high school experience is really like since their first year was marked by all of the changes Covid brought. 

   “I think because of football games and stuff like that I am getting the high school experience more so than last year. I wish last year was a normal year, I just wish it wasn’t like that. I think a normal year would have been a good start to high school,” Ashley Farmer, sophomore, said.

   For the last 18 months, there have been so many different protocols. Some of these created roadblocks and it has not allowed some of the freshmen and sophomores to experience some of the things they normally would during the school day.

   “We have masks, we haven’t had block scheduling and I have never done bronco time so I don’t know what that’s like,” Farmer, said.

   Some of these new changes look different to upperclassmen because they remember what it was like before. 

   “Well this year we are wearing masks and at the end of the day, they release at different times. We don’t do some of the stuff we did last year like wiping down the table,” Bandelier, said.

   Not only has LSN gone through many schedule changes, some of the things that you did in your classes might have looked different for someone who took the class the year before. 

   “It was giving me such a headache going back and forth from virtual to hybrid to in person. I did like not having to take finals though, that was a great relief on the students. It was so messy and not fun, I would not recommend it,” Bandelier, said. 

   With all these changes it was hard for many students as well as some teachers to adjust.

   “I don’t think it’s been that hard, but I know a lot of people who struggled with it,” Farmer, said.

   Adjusting to all these changes can be hard, but the students have learned to persevere through and adjust to all of what life throws at them.