Bronco time is back

Story and Photo by Kaia Monaco – Assistant Editor

  Returning to in-person school this year means returning to everything normal that COVID interfered with, including Bronco Time. Bronco Time used to be a time for students to have a break in their day between classes to work on homework, get help from teachers and spend their time how they pleased. However, since the pandemic is still ongoing, Bronco Time is not what it used to be and students don’t know how to feel.

  “Yes, I like Bronco Time because I can get some of my homework done that I procrastinated on but no because it’s not like full Bronco Time and you have to make a pass to see a teacher beforehand,” Haley Reed, senior, said. 

   Students didn’t have Bronco Time all of last year, or at the beginning of this school year, but now they are back to having Bronco Time every day, which can be a lot all at once. 

   “Maybe two days of Bronco Time would’ve been good but I think it’s a little overkill having it all five days,” Reed said.

   Students are still taking full advantage of Bronco Time and trying to use the extra time productively.

   “During Bronco Time, I do my homework or study or talk to my friends,” Reed said. 

   Despite not being able to go to multiple rooms and see multiple teachers, the basics of Bronco Time remain the same: students still get a break in their day, time to work on homework and time to see teachers, but only if they have a pass. As the year goes on, normal Bronco Time might come back once again.


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