Finals – Preparation and Worries

Story and Photo by Bailee Council – Staff Reporter


   With the end of the semester coming up, along with it come finals. The cycle of preparing and studying begins.

   “Due to Covid, we have never had a real final, so it’s a little worrisome,” Brooke Crotts, freshman, said.

   With all the craziness going through students’ heads, teachers have helped by giving the best resources to use as preparation. Everything students have gotten throughout the semester, like notes and worksheets, will help.

  “With finals I’m just preparing by knowing what my finals are gonna be, and getting the information from my teachers to then review any information in need or any work I need to get done to prepare me,” Jordan Kruse, senior, said.

  But still, there’s only so much studying students can do to prepare. There are specific classes worrying a lot of students, most of which are math and science.

   “When it comes to math there’s certain things I’m really good at, but then there are other things I’m really bad at,” Kruse said.

   “Learning biology, it’s a lot of different things, and then you put it all on top of each other, it’s guaranteed to be a long test, and it’s just a little overwhelming,” Crotts said.

  With finals the schedule changes a little bit, giving students more than enough time to finish, feeling confident in the end. The block schedule can be found on the LSN website. 

   For underclassmen, finals are new, along with the stress of them. But many already have a preparation plan so they will do the best they possibly can. Upperclassmen have harder classes, but this isn’t their first time around and they mostly have a system set up.

   “When it comes to finals, always be up to the know about what your finals are going to be taking first, being prepared, and taking it day by day. Study, and don’t procrastinate!” Kruse said.