Enrollment Info Coming Soon for Current 9-11 Graders

Story by Abby Langle – Editor-in-Chief 

Enrollment is coming up and this is everything you need to know.

   For every grade level, Plan Your Future (PYF) Day is February 17th. This is the day freshmen and sophomores will receive information about enrollment.

   “PYF is about helping students navigate their next step. For underclassmen, it is enrollment for the next year, and for seniors, they will have the opportunity to listen to career speakers and receive their graduation announcements from Jostens,” Joy Reed, business teacher, said.

   Juniors will have their enrollment day on February 14th and 15th in their English classes.

   Current sophomores and juniors who are interested in off-campus programs will have to make sure they meet the deadlines. You can learn more about these programs and find their applications on the counseling center website. STA applications are due February 18th, while all other off-campus applications are due February 25th. 

   Enrollment week is February 22nd-25th. During enrollment week, students will go to their mentor class every day, there will be no Bronco Time this week. You can begin making your course requests in PowerSchool starting February 18th and the final day to make requests will be February 28th. 

   “During Enrollment Week, students meet with their Mentors to make course selections, review graduation requirements, get teacher recommendations, update four-year plans, etc. Mentoring replaces Bronco Time for that week only,” Rebecca Steele, guidance counselor, said. 

   Enrollment can be tricky when you are trying to figure out what classes to sign up for and what classes you need to take. 

   “Make sure you’re focusing on your graduation requirements first, but then take the time to research courses that would help prepare you for your goals after high school. Utilize the Career and Educational Planning Guide for suggestions based on your career path and make sure to read about the courses you’re signing up for as well as get input from your current teachers and parents/guardians. Make sure you don’t miss any deadlines. Additionally, you and your family will need to sign up for a Spring Enrollment Conference – more info to come on that. If you get stuck, reach out for help,” Steele said. 

   Enrollment for next school year is coming up fast. If you are not sure what courses to take or need help, make sure you reach out to your guidance counselor. 


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