Chiefs’ Season Sadly Complete

Story and Graphic by Mia Gatti – Entertainment/Feature Editor


The Kansas City Chiefs had an eventful season with many ups and downs. They started off with a rough couple of games,  losing a few in a row, but this led to nothing but encouragement for the team. They worked hard during the week to improve each day and prepare for their next game. Then, the Chiefs had a very steady middle of the season and it was successful. Patrick Mahomes was able to lead his team to many back-to-back wins. 

   Many Chiefs fans were very hopeful for a season bounce back, and it was exciting when they started winning again. 

   “I would say I am a decent Chiefs fan, I have cheered for them my whole life and watched all of the games,” Jacob Manning, junior, said. 

   Coming off of a Super Bowl loss last year, the team knew they needed to go and win back their trophy from Super Bowl 54. In the postseason, the Chiefs worked hard and got through to the AFC Championship, but came short in overtime. It was a tough loss for them all. Lots of Chiefs fans were very sad to see them lose, but they will be ready for a new season. 

   “I was very sad when the Chiefs lost in the AFC Championship, but there is always next year, and I think it looks promising and they could make a great Super Bowl run again,” Manning said.

   The Kansas City Chiefs will be ready for next season to make a comeback and repeat the Super Bowl win of 2019. 



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