Looking Forward to the Player’s Future

Story and Photo by Emma Brents – Staff Reporter


The 2021 Varsity football team ended with a bang, unfortunately losing in the MSHSAA semi-finals, LSN still put eleven wins under its belt.  

   Not making it to the finals still didn’t stop schools from all across the country to come here and look at recruiting students.  Multiple players from all different grades as low as 8th grade are being recruited by different schools and could be considered to earn scholarships.  Not only to play the sport they love, but also to deduct thousands of dollars from their college tuition, maybe even with some extra in their pocket.  Coach Mozee, the head coach this year, talks about the different schools and how long the process of choosing players goes back, possibly all the way to the beginning of middle school. 

   “It starts with day one things, like our middle schoolers come and work out here, beginning this month in January.  I’m then able to start evaluating our young men right from the beginning and they aren’t even in our building yet,” Mozee said. 

   Currently, schools such as Mizzou, KU, Washington State, Ohio State, Alabama, and Memphis have been coming to the school and that’s not even half of them.  Hopefully, it won’t stop anytime soon.  One of the great things about choosing a player is there isn’t room for jealousy, if you work and play hard, there’s a good chance that you’ll be noticed.  

  “It’s kind of weird how it works but the more, if you have really good top players they bring in more coaches which takes care of more of his teammates.  You know guys who get seen who probably wouldn’t get seen if he didn’t play on that team,” Mozee said. 

  Some of our players this year have up to nine offers and they aren’t even in their senior year yet.  Williams Nwaneri, sophomore, defensive lineman, and Isaiah Mozee, freshman, receiver, both have already nine offers. Plus, with coaches still coming, it is good to say they could play with some big schools in the future.  Not only that, also Cayden Green, junior, offensive tackle, has over 30 offers with schools.  

   After these offers come up, it is up to the player and his family to decide which school is best for them and then they have full scholarships waiting for them.



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