New Dutch Bros Location Opens in Lee’s Summit

Story by Lily Temple- Assistant Editor


The long-awaited opening of the Dutch Bros in Lee’s Summit has finally arrived. The new location opened this past Friday, September 2. This is the first Dutch Bros in the area and it has gotten the people of Lee’s Summit excited for weeks. 

   “I was really excited when I found out there was a Dutch Bros opening in Lee’s Summit. I had been to the one by Legends and the drinks were very tasty and the staff was efficient,” Jaclyn Siegmeier, junior, said.

   Dutch Bros has a very wide variety on their menu varying from coffee drinks to their own kind of energy drinks.

   “When I went on opening day I got the Double Rainbro Rebel and it was very delicious,” Siegmeier said. 

    Their opening day went very smoothly and they worked hard to give each customer a pleasant experience.

   “The staff was very polite and efficient. I was through the drive-through in about five or ten minutes which is very impressive for an opening day of a popular coffee place,” Siegmeier said.

   Dutch Bros opening a location in Lee’s Summit allows new and exciting drink options for coffee connoisseurs or someone just looking for a tasty drink.