Cross Country Teams Now Share Coach

Story & Photo by Abbey Euritt- Staff Reporter


This fall season, the girls and boys cross country teams joined into one for the first time ever. The coaches decided that joining the team into one group would be the key to success this season. Coach Matthew Shortino took on the role of head coach for the girls and boys, hoping his knowledge of the sport will give LSN cross country the push they need to win. The season will be significantly different from previous years for both the girls and boys, including a change of atmosphere, and more support for the athletes. 

  “When one side succeeds, everybody succeeds,” Shortino said. 

   As the team almost doubled in size, the support of the runners followed, helping the runners with many aspects of the sport. The cross country team has adopted many benefits from the joining of teams, including the mindset growth of the runners. 

   “They see many more perspectives on training, strategies, racing, and mentality,” Shortino said. 

  As the season progresses, the team is hoping to see their work pay off towards winning. This season, the team is striving toward winning and accomplishing the goals they have set for themselves. 

   “[My goal is to] get both teams to become a top team in the state again,” Shortino said.      

  In the past, the programs have been strong, and both teams have advanced as top teams in state, so Shortino is hoping to make it happen again with the new training formula. The training formula specialized for the team will be a new concept for the girls this year, but a past-used plan for the boys.

   “The formula hasn’t really changed, which is good, because you get a 4-year tested formula,” Shortino said. 

  Since the boys have already used this formula and been successful in the past years, it is limiting doubts that Shortino has. This year, Coach Shortino is going into the season with minimal doubts, other than basic worries that follow being a coach for cross country. 

   “I am just worried about injuries and the formula not working out,” Shortino said. 

   This season, the structure has changed, hopefully limiting any problems that might occur, and helping the cross country team meet their goals of winning. Though the new changes apply to both the athletes and coaches, Shortino is confident that the teams will achieve their goals. As the season begins, the final goal of becoming a top team in the state is becoming a more near-future goal along with the training that will get the athletes there.