Cross Country State Meet

Story & Photo by Abbey Euritt – Staff Reporter

  Starting the season in July with altitude training in Colorado, the boy’s cross-country team has put in hard work to make it to state this season. Assistant Coach, Colby Matthews went to Columbia, Missouri for the state meet with the other coaches and helped lead the team to success. The cross country state meet contained many athletes and was filled with talent.

   “The boys and girls are both there; each race 45 minutes apart. Knowing that most kids have been competing since August makes you realize how big of a meet it is,” Matthews said.

  The boys had competition when racing with the best 16 teams in the state, but they ended with a quality race. 

   “You have all the best runner’s in one place, so it is a fast race,” Matthews said.

   The boy’s LSN team finished in 10th place and ended the season positively.

   “They went down, competed and did exactly what they should have done,” Matthews said. 

   The varsity senior boys, including Logan Binger, had their last race of their high school cross-country career.

   “I just wanted to make sure I had as much fun as possible. Before the race started all of us seniors were taking in the fact that it was our last race. It was honestly a pretty emotional experience for me.  We were all very proud of how far we’ve come,” Binger said. 

   During the race, the runners competed against heavy competition from the other top runners in Missouri. 

   “At state, you’re guaranteed to be competing against the best people in the state. You know that everyone around you had to earn a spot to be there. The race feels very fast from start to finish, and there are spectators everywhere,” Binger said. 

   The boy’s team represented LSN profoundly at state and ended the season with a well-earned state championship experience.