Just Speechy

Story & Photo by Kate Gerding – Staff Reporter


 Speech and Debate is not for the weak-minded. Speaking, writing and performance skills are all put to the test in this club. Hannah Robertson, sophomore, loves being a part of Speech and Debate. Every week, they prepare their arguments for end-of-week tournaments.

   “Speech and Debate is a cocurricular, so most Fridays and Saturdays you go and you compete in either a speech or debate event,” Robertson said. 

   Being well-prepared for tournaments is essential. Leading up to these events, members put in a lot of work and effort. 

   “It takes a lot of research and writing,” Robertson said.

   Like any school organization, the teachers and advisors play a big role in the success of the group. Fortunately, Mr. Jewell, social studies teacher, and Mrs. Russell, language arts teacher, have had many years of experience coaching Speech and Debate.

   “I love the teachers, they lead the program amazingly, and they’re super helpful,” Robertson said. 

   Public speaking and persuasive writing is challenging to master. However, Speech and Debate can make an impact in school and your future. 

   “First of all, it really helps you with confidence. And second, it teaches you a lot of effective skills you’ll use for the rest of your life,” Robertson said. 

   As a whole, Speech and Debate pushes people out of their comfort zones and encourages them to think deeper.