The Northside Steppers

Story & Photo by Isabelle Flood – Staff Reporter


   The Northside Steppers have been a fan-favorite performance for the last couple of years at LSN. The team has undergone many changes, but the 2023-2024 group has gotten very close.

   “We are definitely close, we are like brothers and sisters…we are very open and very honest with each other which I love,” Brandon Marshall, junior, said. 

   Relationships on a team are essential, and the coaches ensure that the team bonds with each other. 

   “This year we have several new members on the team.  We try to do team building and bonding events throughout the year to ensure team cohesiveness. I also try to keep open communication with the team,” Nicole Tigner, head coach, said.

   While peer relationships are important, maintaining a relationship with a coach is just as necessary for success. 

   “My coach, Coach Tigner, I love her so much,” Marshall said.

   Being comfortable with a team and coaches makes performing much more enjoyable.

   “I feel nervous at first but when I get the hang of performing with the actual team and knowing that I am not by myself and I get to do it with a lot of people… just doing it with them is fun,” Marshall said.

   This group of steppers is one of the most energetic and entertaining groups that Coach Tigner has seen. 

   “They are so full of life and energy and it is contagious.  If I were to ever need a hype crew, I would call them,” Tigner said. 

   With fun and energetic teams come everlasting memories and laughs that these kids will remember forever.

   “My favorite memory is the night after we actually hosted our first step show, just seeing all the work that went into it pay off,” Tigner said. 

   The step showcase in February is constantly on the steppers’ minds as they look forward to performing again. 

   “Hopefully we win the step show…and definitely make more good steps and give you guys a good show and entertainment,” Marshall said. 

   The Northside Steppers have many more performances coming up that students and staff can attend.

   “We perform the basketball games on Nov. 29, Dec. 20, Jan. 30, and Feb. 9.  We also have our annual step show on Feb. 23 this year, culminating our black history month program,” Tigner said.

   At every performance the team has, everyone in the audience can tell just how much work the kids put in. Being a part of the Northside Steppers is not just about performing. It is about bonding and making friendships, having fun, and sharing memories that will last a lifetime.