A Relationship Takes Over Sports

Editorial & Graphic by Morgan Hill – Staff Reporter


   As the NFL season progresses, a new love has developed between music star, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. This duo is a huge staple in American football and pop culture, as almost every American looks over the stars’ whereabouts and their relationship. The impact of their relationship on the NFL is huge to the game itself and could impact how the league markets to youth viewers.

   “Their relationship impacts the NFL because Taylor is constantly getting shown on screen or talked about the weekend of the game,” Gabby Shockey, sophomore, said. 

   The world has been watching intently across the country as their relationship grows.

   “At the beginning of the relationship, a lot of people thought it was a PR stunt, however people are veering away from that idea as time goes on,” Shockey said. 

   With the relationship bringing the two fandoms together, the “Swifties”, Taylor Swift’s loyal fans, are now influencing the NFL and its viewership.

   “I think that the relationship has brought more of Taylor’s fans to watch football, however, this may not have Taylor’s fans learning about the game but just there to see her pop up on the screen,” Shockey said.                                                                                                                    

   With the fanbases being heavily involved in this relationship, especially from Taylor Swift’s side, support is needed to keep benefiting the NFL. 

   “Most of Taylor’s fans are very supportive of this relationship and are hoping for the best. While Taylor was in Argentina, Travis was invited to one of her shows. Swift’s fans were not only watching her concert but also videoing Travis and watching his reactions,” Shockey said.   

   Many football fans are against seeing Taylor interrupt their game for camera shots of her. Still, the relationship between her and Travis benefits the NFL despite their stance. 

   “You really have to view this question both ways but I think for now it is beneficial to the views on football games, and growing the range of people watching the games,” Shockey said.    

   Ultimately, their relationship has impacted the NFL, bringing in new fans looking to watch for Taylor Swift.