North is Ready to Dominate Wresting Season

Story by Talon Cleveland – Staff Reporter


  With the wrestling season coming up, LSN is preparing to dominate. North has already had their first duel against Blue Springs High School winning 46 – 30. Mick Cronk, head coach, encourages anyone interested in wrestling to come join in victory. 

   “My goal as coach is to grow the program and have more people come out and participate with the team. But also to keep pushing forward and improving,” Cronk said. 

   One of Cronk’s passions is wrestling and he intends to bring his team to another victory. 

   “A couple years ago we were conference champions, we were district champions and we’ve won several tournaments over the last six years,” Cronk said. 

   Boys wrestling has had many victories over the years and plan on having more. 

   “The season depends on how we continue to improve. We’ve lost one of our best wrestlers to an ACL injury in football, but as a team we gonna be a really good tournament team,” Cronk said. 

   The struggle of losing a vital player will be a major challenge for the wrestlers, but they plan on persevering and taking the thrown. Everyone is encouraged to come out and cheer for the team. The next duel is being held at North on 12/06/23 against Liberty @6pm.


Photo courtesy of LSN Wrestling’s Social Media