The Crimson Cart

Story & Photo by Kate Gerding – Feature/News Editor


   FCCLA has been busy the last few months. Their latest project, the Crimson Cart, was created in order to support students at our school who have periods.

   “The crimson cart is a program FCCLA has created to provide period products to our students who need them,” Jessica Benus, FCCLA sponsor, said.

   However, this was not the only goal they had in mind when creating the Crimson Cart.

   “[We] came up with this idea because as many as one in four of our students have to leave school because they don’t have the supplies to take care of themselves,” Benus said.

  Currently, in five bathrooms at our school, there are small red carts with period products such as pads, liners, and tampons that FCCLA members helped collect and put together.

   “We fundraised to buy supplies through the sales of cake pops, and we also asked for student donations,” Benus said.

As for the future, FCCLA hopes to keep the Crimson Cart going as long as they are able to.

   “[Our goal is] just to keep stocking those shelves,” Benus said.

   The best way to help out is to donate money or period supplies. Donations can be brought to Mrs. Benus in room 1167.

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