New Teacher on the Block

Story by Kay Haas – Staff Reporter

  Rebecca Nehlsen is a new teacher at North and teaches Foundations of Drawing and Foundations of Design. She attended the University of Central Missouri. At UCM, she got a Bachelor of Science in Education (K-12 Art), and a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction. 

   “I wanted to become a teacher because I had great art teachers all throughout high school. They made both art and high school an enjoyable and memorable experience for me, and I wanted to be able to provide that for my students,” Nehlsen said.

  Nehlsen got into teaching because of her teachers, but she has stayed in teaching because of the students.  

   “My favorite part about being a teacher is the students. Over the years, the one thing that has made this job worth continuing in are some of the incredible students I have had, both in class and as athletes, and the relationships I have built with many of them,” Nehlsen said. 

    Nehlsen also coaches the boys cross country team here at North.

   “A big part of the reason I coach is I enjoy getting to work with students in doing something they are truly passionate about. This is where they shine. Many of them set high goals for themselves, and work diligently to achieve them. This is something I value not just in my students, but in anyone’s character, as I enjoy being around people who are driven and have a passion for what they do,” Nehlsen said.

   Nehslen is looking forward to meeting new students and athletes, and watching them grow and learn throughout their high school experience.


Photo courtesy of LSN staff website