1.25 Million Reasons to Play

Story & Graphic by  Abbey Euritt – Co-Assistant Editor/Sports Editor

 During the Chiefs game on January 7th against the Chargers, stakes were high as Chris Jones, defensive tackleman, had to make his final sack needed to earn his 1.25 million dollar bonus. Chiefs fans had mixed opinions on the risk that entailed putting him into the game just to earn his final sack, but in the end it was a good risk to take. 

   “It was definitely a risk, but if you’re a coach and you have a player who has a chance to get that amount of money, I believe you let them try to get it,” Jamar Mozee, Varsity Football Coach, said.

   Though fans were hesitant about the decision of putting Jones into the game against the Chargers, risking injury, he was so close to reaching his bonus, so that was the main objective.

   “I did expect him to get that final sack, because I understood that he could get that 1.25 million dollar bonus. That large number of money can provide a lot of inspiration,” Mozee said. 

   When Chris Jones signed with the Chiefs his contract included the incentive of the 1.25 million dollar bonus that would be given when he hit 10 sacks. Now that Jones received his bonus, another incentive may be in the near future if he reaches 15 sacks, giving him an additional $500k. 

   “It was in his contract that he needed a certain amount of sacks to get that 1.25 millions dollars, and he accomplished it,” Mozee said.

   Chris Jones and the rest of the Chiefs were full of celebration on January 7th, knowing that he walked away with 1.25 million dollars more than he arrived with. Jones revealed to the media that getting his 10th sack was a collective effort, so in return he bought the whole defensive line a Rolex. Overall, the 18th week’s game left the Chiefs with not only a win, but a player reaching his impressive bonus of sacks.